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First Puffin Run race

The first Puffin Run race is completed with 80 participants, mainly from Iceland but we had few foreign runners with us on this beautiful day.

Everything went according to plan today and all participants where so happy about the race, the scenery and of course the weather played a bog role – sunny and almost no wind at all, not even at Cape Stórhöfði (the most windiest place in Europe).
We had few elite runners with us today and one of them who is a team member of the Icelandic National Trail Running Team won the Race. His name is Guðni Páll Pálsson and he finished the race at 01:29:46.
First woman to finish was Vaka Njálsdóttir at 01:51:03.
First two-person group to finish was sAndri (Sindri and Andri) at 01:41:53.

We want to thank all the runners to come to our beautiful Island and be a part of the first Puffin Run race and we also want to thank all the volunteers for their part in this race and making the race with us all so exceptionally unique and unforgettable.

Next Puffin Run race will be held on the 4th of May 2019 and we hope to see as many of you as possible.
Registrations will start early 2019 at