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Preparations for the first Puffin Run race

This all started in autumn 2017 when a small group of people came together talking about a trail run in Vestmannaeyjar after participating in a trail run up on the the main land. (This same group has organised Vestmannaeyjarhlaupið for many years with fantastic success that is held the first Saturday in September.) From that moment the Puffin Run race was born.
After countless hours of preparations and measurements all over the island, the group finally had the track ready with 20km of trails all around Heimaey, the biggest island of the Westman Islands.

The Puffin Run is mostly run off road (trail run and relay) and we try to run mostly on the edge of the island without going up on the mountains.
The first half of the run has some demanding paths and if you are luck, you will see a puffin colony – largest one in the world (best change to see them is on the south part of the island at the cape Stórhöfði, which is also the most windiest place in Europe) but the puffin returns to his holes in the middle of April every year after spending the winter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
In the last part of the run you run by the roots of a volcano, a volcano that erupted in 1973. The run is in the new lava that came from the volcano Eldfell, the lava covered a big part of the town. The lava also formed a new part of the island increasing it in size, runners will run that part of the island and the last 2km of the race is probably the most technical one.